Sunday, 28 June 2009

Band of Horses - Cease to begin

The Band of horses' first album was pretty good by most standards. "The great salt lake" was a crystalline blue hint of wonders still to come but their second, Cease to begin, has a purity and clean wonder that is very rare.
The voice of ben Bridwell is a lovely simple almost childlike voice but he has a facility to find delicious simple melodies that make the most of it. I read an interview with Baaba Maal recently where he said he found he enjoyed the art of finding a melody that sat above the hypnotic guitar patterns of his friend, and I think ben has that same facility.
The songs are staple sub-pop indie, mostly, but there's a freshness, almost innocence about them that place them well away from the grungier end of the label.
I just can't decide which is the loveliest song...
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